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    Updating tnsnames ora

    Maximum time interval (in seconds) for the database session to establish a connection between a client and server.

    This can be used to limit the effect of Denial of Service or brute force dictionary attacks.

    This page only scratches the surface of Oracle network configuration, full documentation can be found at docs.Other options can be set in the $oracle_home/network/admin/file: names.default_domain = your_network_domain_name When you set a default domain name (for example, ss64.com), that domain name will be automatically appended to any unqualified name, so typing @Live will be interpreted as @Live.ss64To force a lookup without the DEFAULT_DOMAIN being appended, append a dot to the tnsname: A list of naming adaptors to be used when resolving a name. TNSNAMES = file, ONAMES = Oracle Names, HOSTNAME = use the hostname, NDS = Novell Netware, NIS, CDS = OSF DCE's Cell Directory Service The directory to which client log file will be written. LOG files littering your disk and turning up in many directories, this is because the default value of LOG_DIRECTORY_CLIENT is the current working directory.

    Specify one folder here and you will tidy things up.

    TCP is the TCP protocol used for TCP/IP connections.

    port_number is the port number of the Oracle Net listener. host_name is the name that defines the system where the target Oracle server resides.

    Navigate to menu "Navigator/ Discover Nodes" In case of problems you can delete the Node from the OEM client and re-discover it.

    If you create a database using DBCA, you'll find some of the settings above will have been set automatically.

    Monitoring is more than a checkbox on your to-do list.

    In the example below I'm using the domain ".ss64.com" you should change this for your own domain name: Many small and medium sized companies do everything under a single domain name, in which case these global names will seem like unnecessary work but if you do end up managing multiple domains at some point in the future (e.g.

    if your company is merged with another company) then having global names in place will make things much easier to manage. File, Save will save this configuration into the file.

    [email protected] create database link testlink_db2 2 connect to system identified by oracle 3 using 4 '(DESCRIPTION= 5 (ADDRESS= 6 (PROTOCOL=TCP) 7 (HOST= 8 (PORT=1525)) 9 (CONNECT_DATA= 10 (SID=test10)))' 11 / Database link created.

    select * from [email protected]_db2; BANNER ---------------------------------------------------------------- Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod PL/SQL Release - Production CORE Production TNS for Linux: Version - Production NLSRTL Version - Production 5 rows selected.

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